Screen Door Features

Easy to replace/ Exchange the net

Easy to wash by simply removing

Detachable and easy stored when not in use

Screen Door Description

Caterpillar Insect Screen Door, with latest Japanese caterpillar technology and produced highest quality. Our Screen Door is available to all door such as Sliding Door, Swing Door, and Bi-Fold Door.

The screen door glides on a thin rail, guided by the Caterpillar System which is top and bottom caterpillar retract into the slide bar.  —— Thin rail is allowed for easy wheel-chair access.

The pleated mesh is made from 100% poly-pilene monofilament, It offers higher rigidity and mechanical resistance with allowing maximum air- flow and visibility.Mesh replacement is easy, in case of stain or damage. You can also wash net with water, simply remove mesh from screen door unit.